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The Merit of Tyco RCs

After spending the past year meticulously cleaning, repairing, and upgrading my hobby-grade RCs, I came to the stark revelation that  I probably spend 50x more time working/worrying/buying-stuff-for my supposedly indestructible expensive toys than actually playing with them.  Meanwhile, I can remember my old Tyco RCs being pretty maintenance free and just as much fun to bash around.

Granted, toy-grade RCs don’t go 50mph and take 15′ jumps, but their low cost and kiddie-appeal led to some interesting designs that you just don’t see in hobby stores.  Traxxas makes a big deal out of being waterproof, but if your truck has normal tires as opposed to tank treads, screw drives, snow skis, etc., it’s not much fun in the snow or water anyway!  While some of Tyco’s designs were really gimmicky and energy inefficient, some have proven to be solid platforms.  Many of them are still emulated today.

So, with this in mind, I’ve gotten the bug to start collecting Tyco RCs.  One of the more intriguing/frustrating parts of choosing this hobby is the lack of information on the internet. While I can get into the minutiae of hobby-grade models with fellow enthusiasts, I haven’t found a community dedicated to toy-grade RCs.  Granted, most of these toys are considered disposable, and the kids who own them aren’t likely to be serious hobbyists, but I thought at least for nostalgia value I would find a bunch of fellow collectors, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’m primarily aiming to chronicle my descent into collecting these awesome toys and sharing what I find along the way, but would also like to connect with other collectors.  I am currently collecting info on Tycos and dumping what I find in a spreadsheet.  I’ll post it here once I have it cleaned up, but I would really like to create a wiki for Tyco RCs, or at least contribute my findings to wikipedia.  If you are interested in contributing in any way (info, wiki experience, etc.), please let me know.