1994 Tyco Catalog from the U.K.!!

I recently bought a Tyco R/C catalog, like the title says,it was circulate in the U.K. in 1994.  Admittedly, I bought this catalog to fill in some of the gaps on the Tyco R/C Vehicle List.  Unlike the massive Tyco Toy Catalogs, this one just featured the R/C line, and has only 12 pages excluding the covers.  At first glance, it appears to be a simple marketing brochure, each page showcasing 2 vehicles.  But, there’s a fold-out section in the back that is a holy grail of collector info!  It’s essentially a spreadsheet that compares all of the vehicles produced in 1994, and it’s so comprehensive I had to adjust the list I’ve been working on (update coming soon).

Of course, pictures are worth a thousand words, so I’ve scanned each page for all to see:

I know the spreadsheet can be hard to read, but I’ve added alll the info into the Tyco RC Vehicle List and will be updating it soon!!!


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