Monthly Archives: January 2013

My “NEW” 6v Chevy Pickup

I’ve been too busy and broke for Tyco collecting as of late, but I did have a few things happen over the last 6 months.  One of which was scoring a like-new 6v Chevy Pickup!


I actually scored 2 of these.  Someone contacted me through this blog looking for one, and I just happened to find someone selling 2 in mint condition within a few days.  I kept one for myself, and it’s a pretty cool looking truck!  The styling is really nice, very old school, and I love the look of the tires.  Considering the packaging tape was still intact, and the fact that they came with the original manuals and unopened bag of pylons, I don’t think these trucks were ever ran before.


It’s a pretty typical Tyco, it’s RWD with the 2 speed gearbox.  The tires let it handle terrain that most trucks this size might not be able to, but it’s not very powerful or fast.  This makes it perfect for smaller areas, though, and it’s a lot of fun indoors.  I don’t plan on running this one very much since it’s in such good cosmetic shape, and also because of a problem with the tires.  I’m not sure if it’s their age or what, but the tires deform VERY easily.  I left it sitting on a shelf outside of the box for a few days, and the next time i ran it, the tires were warped, and it made driving it a lot less fun.  I’m sure this could be combated with a foam insert or something, but since this truck is gonna be a shelf queen I’ve just opted to leave it in it’s packaging where the weight of the truck will rest on the chassis.