3DO Game List

3DO Game List (Updated 12/17/2014)

Click the link above to download the .XLS

UPDATE: 12/17/2014 – I have made several changes to the 3DO list, here are some of the more notable updates:

  • Added several demos, including those published as part of the Demo Disc Program.
  • Filled most blanks in “Genre”, “Developer/Publisher”, and “Year” columns.  Unknown data has been marked “UNKNOWN”, any info on these entries would be greatly appreciated.
  • Added columns for Lightgun and Mouse support
  • Added separate entries for the mail-in only discs Killing Time 1.1 and ESPN Golf: Lower Your Score with Tom Kite – Mental Messages.
  • Updated entries for Warp’s Flopon/Furopon series to avoid confusion.
  • REMOVALS: Dragon Knight III/Knights of Xentar; duplicate entries for Kamachi’s Museum
  • MERGED: Kurokishi no Kamen & Ghost Hunter; FireBall!! & Real Pinball; Igo Time Trial 2 & Book of Life and Death; Sangokushi IV & Romance of the 3 Kingdoms; Tozasareta Yakata & Killing Time.
  • Thanks to ‘goldenband’, ‘Austin’, ‘FUJISAN’, ‘3DO Si’ and everyone at the 3DO Zone forums!

I recently started collecting for the 3DO game system, and while most other consoles have clear and definitive release lists, I couldn’t find one for the 3DO.  There are many reasons for this, namely, the 3DO wasn’t as popular as other consoles, and 3DO collectors seem to find new rare software on a regular basis.  However, I’ve started the tedious process of tracking and listing every game I can.

This is a work in progress, and I am fairly new to the 3DO scene, but hopefully I’ll be able to fill in all the gaps soon.  Any and all help is appreciated, as I only own a handful of these games, most of my info is coming from Google searches.

A few notes for anyone who wants to use it or help refine it:

  • This list DOES NOT contain any unreleased games, homebrew, or prototypes.  However, it DOES include unofficially released prototypes (Powerslide and Icebreaker 2, for example).  It DOES contain magazine coverdiscs and demos, however.
  • Since Japanese games can be written in Romanji or translated ( for example:  Sotsugyou Final/Graduation Final), and since some games had different names for different regions, I have chosen to have 3 categories for the game names.  While I have 4 region categories, I chose to leave Korean translations out, as most are known to English speakers by common names.
  • Some Japanese games are simply known to English speakers by their translated names, while others were localized and given new names.  As such, the US/UK name column should contain the US/UK name if it was localized in English, or the most common translation if it was only released in Japan.
  • The columns for US, EU, JP, and KO are for the release regions.  If the game was released in that particular region, it should have a “1” in the corresponding cell.  I will eventually audit these columns and use a “0” if I know that a game was never released in that area, but for a now, a blank cell could mean that it wasn’t released in that region or it may have been released there but I haven’t checked yet.
  • While the 3DO was available in many countries, I only have a “release” column for the US, Europe, Japan, and Korea, as to my knowledge, these were the only countries to have exclusives.
  • The Developer/Pubisher column can get a bit messy, as many sites often confuse the two.  Ideally, these would be separate columns.  Maybe some day…
  • Outside of the region columns, any blank cell should be considered “unknown”.  Filled cells should contain no errors, please let me know if you find one!!

2 responses to “3DO Game List

  • goldenband

    Hi, nixzero — the list is great and very helpful (thanks!), but I did notice some errors:

    Dragon Knight III aka Knights of Xentar doesn’t exist on the 3DO
    Kurokishi no Kamen should be the same entry as Ghost Hunter
    Fire Ball !! = Real Pinball
    IIRC, Book of Life and Death – The Competition = Go Time Trial 2 = Igo Time Trial: Shikatsu Daihyakka
    San Goku Shi IV = Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV
    Tozasarata Yakata = Killing Time
    Yamada Kamachi Bijutsukan: Kamachi’s Museum is listed twice

    I’ve also posted on 3DO ZONE (formerly 3DO ZERO) about this. The next thing I’d suggest, BTW, would be adding the actual kanji and kana for the Japanese titles, which helps a lot in research and searching Japanese-language sites.

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