Traxxas 1/16 Chassis Conversion Guide

I’ve created a spreadsheet that shows what parts are needed to convert any Traxxas 1/16 vehicle into another.


For older versions of Excel:  Traxxas_Mini_Guide.XLS

For newer versions of Excel:  Traxxas_Mini_Guide.XLSX

Parts List (shown below) in PDF format: Traxxas_Mini_Parts_List



The Excel workbooks above contain several spreadsheets, which are accessed by selecting the tabs at the bottom of the screen in Excel.  Simply choose the tab for the vehicle you already own and find the column for the car you wish to convert to.  Part numbers with black text are ones you should already have, ones with orange text are optional, and ones with red text are required.  There are also tabs covering Springs/Shocks, Telemetry, and 380/550 motor conversions.  If you don’t see all of the tabs, click the tiny arrows on the bottom left of the screen (next to the tabs) to scroll and see them all.  Most spreadsheets also have an explanation textbox, which may be hidden on some monitors unless you scroll to the right.

When designing the guide, I was very strict about making sure to catch ALL of the differences between STOCK vehicles.  However, please use your own discretion when buying parts.  For example, the guide will list the bodies, tires, and wheels needed for an EXACT conversion, but most of these parts are interchangeable (running Mustang tires on a Rally build is a mild example, running a Mustang body on a Summit build is on the more extreme end).  It also doesn’t account for aftermarket parts in any way, but most upgrades should be straight swaps with the parts they’re replacing.

Please note that this was intended only as a guide, not a de-facto instruction sheet or a replacement for common sense.  While a lot of work went into making sure it was thorough, but there may be some discrepancies or mistakes, and I accept no responsibility if it leads you astray in any way.  However, feedback is greatly appreciated!  Please, let me know if you find any mistakes or if you have something to add.



Traxxas MERV Mini E-Revo Summit Mustang Boss 302 Kyle Busch Toyota Tundra Ken Block Gymkhana Rally Car Grave Digger Rally Mini 4×4 Slash


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