Tyco RC Vehicle List

I’ve been working on a spreadsheet that is nearing the goal of cataloging all of the various RC cars Tyco released over the years.  Most of this info came from the awesome guys at the www.dragonshobbies.com.  It’s full of holes, and it gets especially spotty for the newer Mattel-made toys (I’m old-school).  One other thing to mention is that the Year column is also probably inaccurate, I just put down the first year I can confirm the car was out, but many of them were likely made earlier than the year posted.  For example, I may have spotted a car in a 1992 dealer catalog, but it may have first come out in 1989.  Another thing you’ll notice is that I have several double entries.  This is because I am using each car’s model number as a unique identifier and many cars had 2 frequencies and color schemes to choose from.

Here it is:

Tyco RC Catalog

I appreciate any info that might help me fill the gaps.  All of the blank fields should be highlighted red, and if I was unsure of anything I typed a “???”.  It’s entirely possible that I made mistakes, if so I would love to be corrected.  🙂

I’m also interested in finding a better way to share this info online (ie. with photos).  I thought of doing a wikia, but I would be a horrible admin and I can’t afford hosting.  Wikipedia maybe?


13 responses to “Tyco RC Vehicle List

  • Nathaniel Dragon

    I’ve been planning on setting up a Tyco wiki on my site for a while. You’re already familiar with at least part of my site, http://www.dragonshobbies.com, but I just haven’t had time to do anything with it for a while. I’ll try to get something together soon.

    • nixzero

      Thanks for reaching out! Your site would be a perfect platform for a Tyco wiki, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

    • Jacinto Gomez

      Well hello im new to doing anything like this and hopefully im sending this to the right person. My handle for this site is scorcher jack and I literally have knowledge on every tyco rc vehicle ever made including some that never made it to production.aswell as thier top speeds now the only reason I have such insight on said subject is my grandfather used to work for tyco’s r&d department aswell as spending a few years in the factory itself so if you have any questions jared let me know.im a big fan of tyco and I think it would be pretty cool to help a fellow rc enthusiast.thanks:)

      • nixzero

        Thanks for reaching out! Feel free to fill in any gaps in my spreadsheet, it’s been a while since I had time to update it and there’s still a lot missing. I haven’t posted here in a while but hope to start again soon.

      • Nathaniel Dragon

        That would be awesome to get some more information. Like Nixzero’s situation, I haven’t had the time to do what I’ve wanted on the site either. I do still want to get the TycoWiki going, but I didn’t want to set it up all wrong. I wanted to get it tied into the forum so that registration for the whole site would be handled all in one place. I see that the activity on DragonsHobbies.com is picking up again, so I’m guessing that I should get going with those plans pretty quickly. Thanks again for the support and encouragement.

  • Chris

    Do you know of a tyco stock car from around 1996-2000 that would run on a 7.2v or a 9.6v battery pack? I can’t seem to find any info and would like to try to get one. Thanks

  • Joseph

    This site has photos of Tyco Jacknife. And more info on it

  • Jack lynch

    Are you still looking for tyco r/c. I worked for r&d , ran the model shop . I have most of the prototypes castings( pre production) lambos ,ferrari,s, porsches , hoppers head turners stock cars etc about 60 to 80 cars commercial samples paint/deco samples for 3,000 US dollars you could have the holy grail how about a 1/6 bat car? Jack lynch 410 639 2281

  • Jordan

    Hey I was searching the Internet for a particular car when I found this site. I’m not sure if it’s a tyco car but I know I got it from the toys r us in the 90s. It’s a dragster sort of car with two front wheels but has and “x-wing” shaped back with wheels on the end which are inline/parallel to the surface of the wing. The wings themselves could go up and down so you could change the elevation of the back end from really low to the ground to pretty high above it. It was primarily red and the back wheels wheels on the wing were gray/yellow (I think). I’m not sure but I think the front and back could rotate somewhat independently. Anyway if you could possibly help me identify this car I would be forever grateful!

    • nixzero

      Hrmm… Well, when I heard “dragster”, I immediately thought of the Tyco Dagger. It also has an adjustable wing and wheelie bar wheels. However, it doesn’t really have an “X-wing”, just a typical dragster one, and doesn’t rotate independently (that might be the Tyco Tantrum?). I happen to own a very special Tyco Dagger, it was a pre-production model used at a toy show! I’ll do a post on it so you can see if it’s what you were thinking of. Although prototype box and radio were pretty much mockups, the vehicle itself is nearly, if not exactly, identical to the production car.

  • Laurie Rigdon

    Yes its called xrc prospeed and it was made by kenner andit had 27 mhz blue nascar and 49mhz red nascar and you had a choice to run on 9.6 or 7.2 volt hope this helps.

  • John Schell

    Hi I’m looking for a car I had when I was a kid it was a Tyco jet turbo 2 big tires in back 2 small tires close together up front had a spoiler for popping wheelies but could fold down so car could flip on both sides if you know name of car please email me back

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